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Topics about common situations that occur during the growth of the smaller in the house related with their health. An excellent guide for new parents.

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How to avoid baby's gas and colic? A common problem in newborn babies and sometimes even in one year olds, is the regular presence of gases expelled from both the mouth and the anus (the latter with or without feces)....
What do I need to bathe the baby? A bowl or small tub, or else the kitchen sink (previously washed with bath soap and not with detergent or bleach)....
How do I bathe a premature baby? Assuming your baby is premature but no longer needs an incubator, then you should only bathe him/her with a damp and lukewarm cloth from head to toe....
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The articles from Parental Guidance are compiled based on professionals’ knowledge and experience; however, in some cases, we borrow information from the following references:

1. Texto de la Cátedra de Pediatría - Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Departamento de Salud Materno-Infantil.
2. (Link).
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